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Pochette en galuchat / Stingray clutch

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One of my dreams as a jeweler and person passionate of exceptional products and thus having a limitless imagination, was to design and make an excepitional cluth bag. 

My project took me all around looking for a master leathersmith who would be willing to take up the challenge, and this took a couple of years.

I finally met Corsican leathersmith and Cordwainer, Dominique Santoni who explained to me that this clutch was impossible to make out of stingray since stingray products are never rounded, but the leather must be cut in straight lines due the the technique involved in the cutting of the hard, limestone litlle knobs on its skin (if I wanted to ust the thick, shiny pieces of leather, which of course I did). I thought if anyone could to it it would be him, and I didn't stop talking to him about it even though he tried to convince me to use other leathers..  But I insisted, and am glad I did, for other than making him near mad (sorry) in the process of reinventing common leathermaking techniques to apply to this project, and making this unique, breathtaking clutchbag, he surpassed himself in doing so, giving him and us enormous satisfaction in making this unique object that is much more than a simple purse, it is a technical endeavor, and I would even adventure out and call it a work of art.

140 hours of work, much patience and a whole lot of passion gave life to this magnificent, handmade stingray clutch beautifully lined with top quality calfskin interior and adorned with a garnet incrusted sterling silver sea urchin.

It symbolises life under the sea, a common passion outside of our work, mine in books, pictures and feeling and Dominique as a ever fascinated diver.

This is why it is in the Calanques collection, of my life in Corsica.

Other than being an amazing piece, it is also resistant, and practical in size and to carry.

26 x 15 x 6 cm to fit cell phone, lipstick, keys and cigarette pack for those who still fume.




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